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Full Sales and Service for Dryers, Stoves, and Other Appliances

Based in Rogers, Arkansas, Seaborne Company offers everything from pre-owned stoves to dryer repair. Aside from completely refurbished appliances, we also sell units that are slightly used or have minimal damage in the form of scratches and dents.

Our Buying Process

Typically, we buy appliances for resale from people who are moving out of town or those that simply have no use for their old units. We also do a lot of business with landlords in our area.

Save on Appliance Costs

Why shell out a lot on a new appliance when you can get a refurbished one for a much lower price? Here at Seaborne Company, we see to it that you don't have to. By taking old units and upgrading them with quality parts, we give you secondhand appliances that look and work as if they were brand-new.

Extending Appliance Life

Ask us to refurbish your appliances so you won't have to go out and buy a new one. Upgrading parts make your units last longer as well. We are the only business that does this throughout Northwest Arkansas. Appliances we service include:

Washers | Dryers | Refrigerators | Stoves

Washer Being Turned On

Available Parts

New and used parts are kept on hand for many models. If you are performing repairs on your own, you can bring the old part to our store and we'll make every effort to find what you need. All of the items we sell also come with a 90-day repair warranty. One of our customers even shared great feedback with us:

"I was surprised to learn that your low prices included a 90-day warranty and free delivery."
- Maria


As we try to keep the prices of our appliances affordable, only a few of our items go a little over $1,000. Usually, our prices range from $179 to $1,000.